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April 10th, 2020 7:48:41 AM

Updates for Programming Help Section.

Update September - October 2004

Pages were changed to php during a website redesign. If pages are missing please contact the us through our Contact Us link.

Update 7/18/2002

Added Bubble sort logic and code to the QBASIC Section.

Update 7/17/2002

Has it been that long really.  Well yes.  Added Tests #1 and #2 to QBASIC section.  More changes to come though you can count on it.

Update 10/01/2001

It has been a while but many thing are being updated.  Most importantly is that you now have a section for pay services.  When you pay for a service you will get a faster turn around time, and I hope more meaningful answers.  I added some staff to the website and they will be helping in to upkeep of the site.  For quality control all emails will still be approved by Terry before they are sent to the tutee.

Update 2/18/2000

Added Netscape's Java Script books to the Java Script area.

Update 8/01/1999

Moved the site to www.terryesnyderjr.com.

Updated 3/07/1999

Languages added and updated page.  When I get less busy I will be adding more help to the page.

Updated 12/10/1998

Pascal questions and thoughts about programming in pascal. Take little test here.

Updated 9/20/1998

JAVA and JAVA Script and what to look for coming soon in Visual Basic.  When I get time to work on this site I will.  I think it doesn't realy help anyone at this time, but I hope to soon finish the JAVA and C areas of this web site.  That is were I get the most questions.  If you see something that you think should be added to this site to make it more helpful just drop me an E-Mail.

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