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April 10th, 2020 5:08:36 AM

Hardware Compatibility List
System Requirements
Product Activation
Active Directory
Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)
Internet Connection Firewall (ICF)
RC1 Test Info.
Print IP Configuration to a file
Print a directory to a file
And More Info coming soon


Hardware Compatibility List

That HCL is a guideline that Microsoft uses to make sure that this hardware has been tested with the OS and is able to work with the drivers supplied from the manufacture or from Microsoft.  Please check this list to make sure that your hardware is compatible with this version of Windows.  This list cam be found at this web site http://www.microsoft.com/hcl

System Requirements




Product Activation

Yes Product Activation is now in Windows .net server.  If you don't activate the server within the given time you will not be able to logon to the server.  You will have to activate the servers within a given time.  The RC1 release allows 14 days for activation.

RC1 Test Info.

Product Activation does work in the RC1.  That is all I did when I installed it the first time.  Install seemed to take longer than Windows 2000 Server.  From what I can tell it installs most of the components and if you want to use them you have to still go into add/remove programs and activate them.

I did notice that in IIS 6.0 there are more server types available now.  One that caught my Eye was POP3 server.  No instructions or help on how to use it, but I will keep trying to see if it works when I reinstall next time.

Happy Beta Testing.

Print IP Configuration to a file

May times you may want to document what the settings are on your servers as for IP configurations and more.  Here is a way to copy what is displayed on the screen to a text file.  Then you can save the file where ever you want to for disaster recovery info if you want to.

At a command prompt you normally run the ipconfig /all to get all of your IP information.  Type the following at the command prompt and you will get a text file at the root directory of the C: drive named IPInfo.txt.

ipconfig /all > C:\IPInfo.txt

Now you will have a txt file that can be opened with any program like Notepad, Word, WordPerfect

Print a directory to a file

Some times you just need to print a directory to a file or printer.  Here is an easy way to get that file to a text file.  Then just print the file out if you need a hard copy of it.  Do the following at the command prompt.

dir *.* > C:\DirInfo.txt

Now you will see a text file in the root directory of the C drive called DirInfo.txt.

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