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System Requirements
Hardware Compatibility List
Updating Security and Windows Software
My CD Recording software stopped working when I upgraded Windows Media Player
How to Customize the Windows Startup Logo Screen
Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)
How to Install Windows using the CD-ROM support boot floppy

System Requirements

SVGA Monitor (*VGA monitor)
Pentium II 300MHz processor or better (*Pentium 150 MHz)
64MB of RAM (*32MB)
2GB free hard-disk space recommended (*480MB to 645MB)
DVD-ROM drive (*CD-ROM)
DVD decoder card or software (DVD option)
56.6 Kbs modem or faster with current Internet connection (Windows Movie Maker option)
Pentium-compatible or equivalent TV tuner card (WebTV option)
ActiveSync 3.0 or higher (Windows CE option)
Windows CE 2.11 or greater (Windows CE option)
Windows Media Player for Palm-sized PC (Windows CE option)
CompactFlash or SmartMedia readers and media (Windows Portable Digital Device option)
Good quality microphone (Windows Movie Maker option)
Video capture device (Windows Movie Maker option)
Sound card
Speakers or headphones
Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device

* Indicates system requirements for Windows Me

Hardware Compatibility List

That HCL is a guideline that Microsoft uses to make sure that this hardware has been tested with the OS and is able to work with the drivers supplied from the manufacture or from Microsoft.  Please check this list to make sure that your hardware is compatible with this version of Windows.  This list cam be found at this web site http://www.microsoft.com/hcl


Updating Security and Windows Software

To update all of your windows software to get the latest security fixes and software updates for windows go to this web address. http://windowsupdate.microsoft.com


My CD Recording software stopped working when I upgraded Windows Media Player

If you are using Adaptec Easy CD Creator to burn CDs on your computer you will have to install the patches for your current version to make Easy CD Creator work again.  You can download the patches from http://www.adaptec.com or http://www.roxio.com


You can customize your Windows ME Startup screen by following the instructions listed below.  Make sure you adhere to the picture dimensions and amount of colors in the pictures.  If you go beyond any of the limitations the picture will not load when your turn on your computer.

Your picture will display on a 640X480 screen, but the file must be a 320x400 pixels dimension.  The picture can have 256 colors or less.  It must be in a BMP file format.  Any other file format doesn't work.  Then save your picture in the root directory of your computer C:\ and change the name of it to logo.sys.  Then right click on the file and select Properties, and make the file a system, and hidden file.  Now when you reboot you will have your startup screen instead of Microsoft's.  Have fun.

NOTE: This doesn't work with Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000 Professional, of any version of Windows XP.


Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)

Windows can share your Internet connection with other computer(s) on your network.  You can use ICS to share your dial-up Internet account or you high speed internet connection.  If you are looking to share your high speed internet connection with ICS you will need two network cards in your computer.  If you don't want to install two network cards in one of the computers you can also use a Router/Firewall to do the same thing.  To install ICS on your Windows ME computer follow these instructions:

  1. Click on Start, Settings, Control Panel
  2. Double Click on Add/Remove Programs
  3. Click on the Windows Setup Tab.
  4. Highlight the Internet Tools Section and Click on the Details Button
  5. Place a Checkmark in the Internet Connection Sharing
  6. Click on Ok
  7. Click on Ok
  8. Your computer will start to copy files
  9. You will have to make the right settings and make a ICS floppy disk
  10. Restart your computer when prompted
  11. Then you can take that new floppy to the other computers on your network and run the program on the floppy.  This will make the setting changes you need on the computer to access the internet through your ICS computer.


How to Install Windows using the CD-ROM support boot floppy

Download the Boot floppy image and WinImage software if you do don't already have a boot floppy to install windows.  These instructions will get you to the point where the install has entered the Windows environment.  The rest of the way will change depending on what hardware and setting you want to make on your system.  This install Process will delete everything on your system.  Make sure you have a backup of what you want to keep before you follow these instructions.

  1. boot with the boot floppy in the floppy drive.
  2. select no CD-ROM support
  3. at the a:\> Prompt Type FDISK
  4. pick yes to support Large Partitions
  5. Pick Option 3 to delete partitions. If you installed NT, 2000, or XP with NTFS you will need to remove Non-DOS partitions also.
  6. after all of the partitions are removed and you are back at the main FDISK screen, pick Option 1 Create Partition.
  7. Maximize the partition, unless you want to install multiple Operating Systems on your system.
  8. after that is done, press esc to get back to the A:\> Prompt
  9. Press <CTRL> <ATL> <Delete> keys to reboot the computer.
  10. No when prompted use NEC CD-ROM on boot unless you have a different DVD or other drive listed.
  11. at the A:\> Prompt type Format C:
  12. yes to erase all info on the drive.
  13. after the Format is done type C:
  14. you will no be at the C:\> Prompt
  15. Place the Windows ME CD-ROM in the CD-ROM Drive
  16. Type D:\Setup.exe
  17. Press any key to run scandisk on the system
  18. Then after scandisk is finished the Windows Setup Wizard takes over.  Follow all of the instructions on the screen and you should have a working Windows install after you are finished.
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